Winter Harnessed


Due to generous contributors and bidders, Fidelco Guide Dogs is proud to announce that last year's encore "Winter Harnessed by Fidelco" fundraiser was a success nearly doubling in size and contributions - and it will be returning again this year!


CardinalThink outside the "gift" box for quality, breathtaking pieces.

We are requesting decorated trees, wreaths, and fabulous pre-wrapped gift baskets.  

Check back for contribution details and event bidding dates.

Please, no alcohol or perishable non-manufacture-wrapped food items. Instead, for gift baskets, think long shelf life like coffee beans and pasta noodles. 

This is a fun team-building and community engagement opportunity!  Start a project with your colleagues, club members, family, friends, schoolmates, and neighbors!

All contributors will be invited to attend a VIP reception and be among the first in-person viewers of this fabulous collection.

Check back to learn how to participate. Unique sponsorship opportunities also available; please inquire at


100% of the proceeds will support our life-changing guide dog mission. We hope you will join in the fun this year by decorating and donating to the auction and placing sealed bids on the creative packages donated by other generous members of the Fidelco community.