Ed Bordley (1956-2017)

Ed Bordley & Jodi Rell

Fidelco Guide Dogs mourns the passing of Ed Bordley, a remarkable individual and Fidelco client for more than four decades.

Ed became Vice President of his class at Caesar Rodney High in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware, where he ran on the track and field team, sang in the glee club and became the 1974 Delaware state wrestling champion. His academic achievements carried him all the way to prestigious Harvard University and Harvard Law School.

Ed once explained with a laugh, “It was a pain having to get to class with a cane, and someone told me, get a guide dog, you’ll be able to sleep longer.” Enter Fidelco-bred “Megan” in 1976. “It was absolutely true, because I could get to class much faster. I just let the dog do the work, and focused on my studies instead of the winding paths of Harvard Yard.”

Ed was partnered with his fifth Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog, “Kaleb" at the time of his passing. He traveled all over the country as an attorney with the United States Department of Justice/U.S. Marshals Service, something he credited to his FIdelco guide dogs over the years. He shared, “In my career, you have to be competent and confident. The most important thing a guide dog offers is independence and a true sense of confidence when I’m traveling.”

"He Saved Our Lives"

A close call in 2011 gave Ed an even deeper understanding of what it means to “trust the dog.” After choir practice, Ed and his daughter Elizabeth were walking to their Silver Springs, Maryland home when an out-of-control car suddenly careened toward them. Before they realized what was happening, Kaleb pulled Ed and Elizabeth out of the car’s path.

His daughter received minor injuries in the hit-and-run accident, but Ed was certain that Kaleb saved their lives that day. He said at the time, “I’m always aware of how important the dog is for protecting me from obstacles and vehicles. It’s one of the reasons that the dog is so valuable.”

Before his death, Ed was busier than ever, enjoying a successful career, a loving family and an array of extracurricular activities. He rowed the Potomac River with his dragon boat racing team, the “Outta Sight Dragons.”

Ed was more than a bit partial to the Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog. He said, “I won’t have anything else! They are dignified, smart, loyal, work longer, and they look good. It’s about the bond you have with your dog. You just know each other. You rely on each other. For nearly four decades, my Fidelco guide dogs have enabled me to work, travel, and be independent with my family and friends. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate what people give to make this possible for people like me.”


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In tribute to Ed, Fidelco Guide Dogs will be naming a German Shepherd guide dog puppy "Bordley." This pup will change the life of a Fidelco client in 2020 and ensure Ed's legacy at Fidelco will not fade. If you wish to support future Fidelco Guide Dog Bordley, thank you.

"For nearly four decades, my Fidelco Guide Dogs have enabled me to work, travel, and be independent with my family and friends.  I can't say enough how much I appreciate what people give to make this possible for people like me."