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Volunteer Puppy Raisers - Helpful Links

Black and Tan Pup Sleeping n Harness "It will take patience to make her a guide dog" "Volunteer Puppy Raiser Resources"

Below area a few helpful resources available for our Volunteer Puppy Raisers.  Be sure to check back periodically for further updates and useful information!.

Videos:  Puppy Raiser Skills

Index of brief instructional videos to help perfect your skill set. 


Click here for the "Come" instructional video.

Come to Heal

Click here for the "Come to Heal" instructional video.

Come Around

Click here for the "Come Around" instructional video. 


Click here for the "Close" instructional video. 

Left-Hinged Door

Click here for the "Left-Hinged Door" instructional video. 


Click here for the "Target" instructional video. 


Fidelco Dog Photo Submission Portal:  Year-Round


Attention all fidelco puppies!

The picture submission portal will remain open all year round Submit your pictures anytime.

Any pictures submitted after 8/12/19 will be considered for the 2021 calendar!  
Submit your photo(s) at following the guidelines below:
1. Dog in photo must be a Fidelco guide dog puppy, Fidelco guide dog (working or retired), Fidelco breed dog, or a Fidelco career change dog/pet.
2. You may submit as many photos as you like, but Fidelco will choose which photos enter the contest.
3. Photos must be color, HORIZONTAL images, and contain only dog(s) – no people.
4. Photos must be high-resolution digital files. Please set your camera to the highest possible settings. File formats accepted are .JPG and must be submitted electronically.
5. Contest participants are responsible for ensuring they have the right to submit photos. By submitting a photo, you affirm  you are the photographer or have been given unrestricted use permission by the photographer.