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Pet Adoptions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you only have German Shepherd Dogs for adoption?
Yes, we only have German Shepherd dogs available.  

2. Are the German Shepherd Dogs from American or German blood lines?
Fidelco dogs are from German blood lines.  

3. Do the dogs have papers?
No, but you can apply to the AKC for a Purebred Alternative Listing or an Indefinite Listing Privilege (PAL/ILP) number if you want to show the dog.

4. Do you have puppies available?
We rarely have puppies available. Most of the dogs available for adoption average 2 years of age or older.

5. Can I breed the dog?
No, all of our dog are spayed or neutered; or in the case of a puppy, there is a spay/neuter agreement.

6. How soon will I get a dog after our application is approved?
The wait period can be anywhere between a month and one year.
We match up the available dog’s personality and needs with the applicants personality and living environment. When a dog becomes available that is a good match for you, we will call you. You are welcome to check in periodically

7. Are the dogs trained?
Dogs that are available have varying skills of training from basic obedience to full guide training.  Any dog is only as well trained as his or her owner.  
At the time of your adoption placement, you will participate in a private session which provides you with training tips, ideas and practical advice pertaining to your individual environment and needs. The adoption placement runs 90 minutes to 2 hours.
Anyone who adopts a FIDELCO dog is recommended to take him or her to an obedience class or hire a private trainer.

8. Do you have a list of trainers?
Yes, depending upon where you live. You can also check with the “The Association of Pet Dog Trainers” ( APDT) web site.

9.What is the 30-day trial period?
All adoptions are a pending 30-day trial period with the dog in your home. It is very important that any dog you bring into your home the right fit for your family and lifestyle. The 30-day trial allows time for that relationship to prove itself. If the match does not work out, we would work very hard to find you another dog that best suits your needs. You must assume all risks and responsibilities of dog ownership and follow Fidelco rules and requirements. During this time we require you take the dog to your vet. The 30-day agreement will be completely reviewed, and require signatures, at the time of your adoption placement.

10. Can I come and meet the dog before I adopt him or her?
We require you to complete an in person interview and interact with the dog. All family members must attend; as well as your other dog(s) for their own meet and greet.

 11. Can the dog be shipped by air to me?
We do not ship our dogs. Pet adoptions must occur in person following the standard interviewing processes.

12. Why do these dogs become available?
The dogs dropped from the program have not passed Fidelco’s training milestones expected to allow them to participate in public service. It may be that they are too shy, have dog distraction issues, or lack focus or have a medical issue. However, these are all manageable qualities for a sighted handler. Each dog is placed with a full disclosure.

13. Will the dog have his or her shots?
Yes. In the case of puppy adoptions, we provide the first six months of shots including one Rabies vaccine. To be reviewed at time of adoption placement.

14. Can I have my vet check out the dog before I adopt?
Yes. During the 30-day trial period you are required to have your own veterinarian  get acquainted with the dog and provide a general health check.

15. What kind of food do I have to feed the dog?
During the 30-day trial period the dog must be on the food that he or she is currently eating. After the dog is adopted, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian per any dietary changes and weaning instructions. To be reviewed at time of adoption placement.

16. How much does the dog cost?
Each case is handled individually and adoptions fees vary per dog:
Professional Level dogs- $3,000 and up
Puppies - 6 months: $3,000 (includes, puppy shots and neuter/spay)
Puppies - 6 months with pre-existing medical conditions: $275.00 - $ 675.00 
Dogs available 6 months and older: Price TBD per dog

17. Can I adopt more then one dog?
Yes, but not at the same time.

18.  Does Fidelco crate train?
Yes all of our dogs have been crate trained from a very young age.
To be reviewed at time of adoption placement.

19. What size crate do I have to buy?
If you do not own a crate, you will be loaned a crate to use during the 30-day trial period. A deposit will be held on the crate until returned. During the 30-day trial you can research crates for purchase once the adoption is final. To be reviewed at time of adoption placement.

20. Will I have to keep him/her in the crate for the rest of his/her life?

No, once you feel comfortable and trust the dog to do no harm and not get hurt, he or she can have freedom in the house. However, crates are a wonderful management tool and prove to be very useful throughout a dog’s lifetime in your home. To be reviewed at time of adoption placement.