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Guide Dog Partnership Application Process

Please note this process is for guide dogs only. We do not provide service dogs. 

To apply for a pet dog adoption, click here. (not for prospective clients interested in a guide dog)

To apply to become a volunteer or puppy raiser, click here. (not for prospective clients interested in a guide dog)

To request a Guide Dog Application Packet, click here or continue reading. (for prospective clients interested in a guide dog partnership ONLY)


The Fidelco guide dog application process consists of applying for and filling out the appropriate paperwork and being interviewed by our client services department. If necessary, we may also ask you to submit an orientation and mobility videotape or DVD. We have CDs available that explain our admissions criteria and application process. To order, call 860-243-4044 or e-mail us at To listen to an overview of the application process, click here.


The following is a description of the required application formsRequest Application

Fidelco application: This form is to be filled out and signed by you or someone on your behalf.  If you prefer to complete a written form, please contact or call 860-243-4044.

Fidelco Vision Report: The Fidelco vision report is to be filled out only by your eye doctor.

Fidelco medical form: This form must be filled out and signed by your primary physician. Each section of this form must be completed if it applies to you.

Fidelco O&M report: This form is to be filled out by your mobility instructor.

Submitting an O&M video or DVD: This applies only to those applicants who have been requested to do so by the Fidelco Admissions Department.

Background Check: Fidelco will use HireRight, Inc to request a background check.

Interviews: When Fidelco receives your completed application, our client services department will contact you to schedule a personal interview.

Once all the completed forms are returned to Fidelco and we conduct an interview, your application will be reviewed by Fidelco’s selection committee; an independent group consisting of physicians, attorneys and other professionals. You will receive a letter from the committee informing you of your status.

Click here to listen to an overview of Fidelco's admissions and applications processes.