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Ed Bordley & Fidelco Dog
Ed Bordley, Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice/U.S. Marshals Service


Ed Bordley broke down barriers all his life. From being the first black student to attend public school in Delaware’s Caeser Rodney school district in 1963, to the first in his family to earn a college degree in 1979, Ed never let challenges stand in the way of his dreams – and he credited his five Fidelco Guide Dogs with helping him to achieve them.

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SrA Michael Malarsie (Ret.), USAF

Malarsie was blinded and severely wounded by an explosion during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan. Michael was paired with Fidelco Guide Dog "Xxon" one year later.

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John Pimentel
John Pimentel, RN, Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educator (CDOE)

“I can honestly say that I have a better, more fulfilling life now than I did when I was sighted. That may sound radical. But the confidence of the dog has changed my life path and I’m happy… I would not be where I am today without Fidelco, my beloved Gatsby and now Victory. I’m doing good things for people. It’s exactly what I should be doing, and there is no place where I think I would fit in better.”

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Katrilla Holmes Martin, Full-Time College Student, Active Community Volunteer, Mother

As the mother of 10-year old Robert, an active volunteer in her community and a full-time college student, Katrilla Holmes Martin says that getting "Dazzle" opened up new doors for her. “There’s no comparison in my life now as opposed to what it was before I got Dazzle. In addition to having the confidence to go out after dark, I feel more comfortable and it’s a smoother mode of travel.” And Dazzle’s work ethic matches her own. “Busy people stay busy,” she says.

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Client Krisin M
Kristin Miller, Disability Advocate, NFB Chapter Organizer, Aspiring Pet Groomer, Avid Traveler

"Almost 7 months ago, I was given my freedom back in the four paws, pointy ears, and fluffy tail of my first ever Fidelco German Shepherd Guide Dog. Eva is the best guide I've ever had. Not only is she my guide, she's my best friend. She makes me laugh, keeps me safe, and is there to give a cuddle whenever I need one.  If I start to get stressed on a long and busy day she leans her body in to me and bumps my hand with her nose as if to say, 'It's ok mom, I'm right here.'

I love the way I can close my eyes and float down a sidewalk with her, letting the world just go away for a few minutes, and know that she'll get me where I'm going safely. I'm so thankful to Fidelco, her Volunteer Puppy Raiser, and Peter, our Fidelco trainer, for bringing us together.  I look forward to many years with this amazing diva dog by my side."