Directors and Officers

G. Kenneth Bernhard, Esq. 
Vice Chairman
Cohen and Wolf, PC
Mark T. Bertolini
Chairman & CEO
Edward H. Budd
Chairman & CEO (Ret)
The Travelers
John H. Gotta
President (Ret)
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Lillian F. Johnson
Stephen H. Matheson (d)
Director Emeritus
Karen Shaw Petrou
Managing Partner
Federal Financial Analytics
Honorable M. Jodi Rell
87th Governor
State of Connecticut
Eliot D. Russman, ex officio
President & CEO
Charles W. Shivery
Chairman, CEO & President (Ret)
Northeast Utilities
Hartford, CT
Peter L. Tedone
President & CEO
Vantis Life Insurance
Karen C. Tripp








Board Officers
Karen C. Tripp, Chairman
G. Kenneth Bernhard, Esq., Vice Chairman
John H. Gotta, Secretary
Peter L. Tedone, Treasurer
Eliot D. Russman, President & CEO
Foundation Officers
Eliot D. Russman, President & CEO
Doug Fuchs, Chief Operating Officer & Chief of Staff
Diane R. Lindeland, Vice President, Director of Finance
Tamer Mourad, Vice President, Director of Guide Dog Training and Client Services
Charles H. Kaman*
Roberta C. Kaman*