Eliot Russman, Fidelco's CEO & Executive DirectorPartnerships Built On Devotion

Everything we do at Fidelco Guide Dogs is achieved through valuable partnerships that produce ultimate partnerships – the unbreakable bonds between exceptional men and women who are blind and elite-bred Fidelco German Shepherd guide dogs.

From the moment tiny pups are born and begin their journeys, we embrace the heartfelt commitment and love of volunteers, dedication of staff, and compassionate investment of donors. 

There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.” 

― Konrad Lorenz

By the time Fidelco clients are custom-matched with their guide dogs, more than 15,000 hours have been spent preparing each guide dog to provide unparalleled independence to their partner. Arguably, this is more instruction than most kids receive from kindergarten through college graduation. This substantial investment in partnerships yields the priceless gift of a decade of supreme independence, confidence, and safety.

This issue of FidelcoNews takes a look at the power of these partnerships from many perspectives – clients, volunteers, staff, and donors. Their shared stories are humbling and inspiring. And our work is never completed; blindness does not take a day off.

As we continue to grow and evolve as an organization, our mission-driven focus never waivers – creating even more exceptional partnerships between Fidelco guide dogs and clients. All in partnership with you.

We are thankful that you’re part of our community. On behalf of all clients, pups, and working guide dog partners, thank you for continuing to support Fidelco’s charitable mission.


Eliot D. Russman
President & Chief Executive Officer