The Fidelco German Shepherd Dog

We describe them as "a breed within a breed." The Fidelco German Shepherd was created from Bavarian stock. It is an outstanding and exclusive product of selective breeding from strong working lines and has evolved to be truly a breed within a breed. Our dogs possess the characteristics of the ideal working guide; intelligence, temperament, stamina and stability.  

They are responsible for our clients’ safety at all times. This formidable task requires us to have an uncompromising focus on the quality of the breed and extensive service training, which are the hallmarks of the Fidelco Shepherd, together with thoughtful and deliberate matching and placement - Partners in Exceptional.

Fidelco Headquarters Bloomfield

Partners in Exceptional



It takes two years and $45,000 to produce each guide dog. Fidelco gives these life-changing canine partners to its blind clients at no cost. Fidelco also provides 24/7 lifetime service to clients with annual follow up visits.