Katrilla Holmes martin


"I lived a very full life, but until I got 'Dazzle,' that full life ended at sunset." Katrilla says that she did extensive online research and was looking for a guide dog school that could accommodate her needs.  Attending college full-time, with a young 10-year old son, Robert,  who was involved in after school activities and scouting, taking time away from home was problematic.  Her training would have to be squeezed into a short summer break from school.  Robert had been accepted into a summer camp program and was excited about attending.  He would have had to go to his grandparents' home during Katrilla's training, and that would have interrupted the couple's vacation plans.

"When I learned about Fidelco's In-community Placement program, a huge burden was lifted.  We were thrilled because I would be in my community and we didn't need to make any accommodations for my son," she said. "our training was worked around Robert's summer schedule, so that when he was home, I was home. It was a perfect fit."

After applying to Fidelco and being accepted into the program, Katrilla was placed with "Dazzle" and has never looked back. "I can't describe it," she laughs. "There's no comparison in my life now as opposed to what it was before I got 'Dazzle.' In addition to having the confidence to go out after dark, I feel more comfortable and it's a smoother mode of travel."

And "Dazzle's" work ethic matches her own. "Busy people stay busy," she says. "'Dazzle' loves to work, she's excited to work and in all the work I do, she's right there with me. She has no complaints." As Katrilla nears graduation, she has several options available to her. Two of them involve moving to another city. But Katrilla knows that wherever her life and career take her, the Fidelco family will always be with her on the road to freedom and independence.